Benefits of eating organic foods

There have been lots of debates on why people should go organic on the foods they eat. Organic food includes foods that are grown without the use of any chemical oriented pesticides or fertilizers. All the fertilizers and pesticides used for growing these plants are natural. This makes such food safe for human consumption since they are assured that they are not consuming any chemicals. The following are the benefits derived from eating organic foods.

High nutrition value

According to recent researches and studies, it has been found out that these foods have higher nutrition value than those which are not. In addition to that they are chemical free hence none of the nutrients are lost due to different chemicals introduced to the plant.

Money Saving

2There are various ways of saving money by using this type of foods. This includes the fact that most of the organic foods are whole which makes them prevent various diseases. This translates to no medical costs incurred as a result. In addition to that, one can opt to grow their organic foods which translate to almost zero costs or they can buy organic food from the market at relatively cheaper prices. In this time when everything is costly, one wouldn’t mind going for an opportunity to save money.

Better tasting

For those who are used to the taste of addictive qualities to junk foods may not seem to agree with this. However, when one takes time and gets used to eating the organic foods they will enjoy the sweetness of it. Since your brain will also be involved to tell your body to eat such foods, one will have an idea of the nutrients they will receive hence will have the urge to eat more of these foods which will make it taste even better.

Safe food

Consuming inorganic foods makes us ingest the harmful pesticides which have been linked to cancers and other harmful diseases. They are also known to compromise the immune system which makes us fall ill easily and spend a lot of money seeking treatment. In addition to that, the herbicides and chemical fertilizers affect us even more. When animals whose meat we consume eat organic plants we are also assured of the safety of the meat we eat.

Benefits the environment

3When people opt to plant organic plants, then they stop using the commercial fertilizers which are known to create insecticide-resistant pests. This means that the environment is protected from the harmful, destructive effects of the pests.

In addition to that, the fact that the inorganic fertilizers will not be swept in water catchment areas which lead to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and water pollution among others. Growing organic plants makes it safe for all the living things on the planet. The plants are healthy, the water animals like fish are also protected hence we can comfortably eat the fish.

We should make the world a better place and it starts with us and the choices we make. These foods should be encouraged so that we not only save our planet but ourselves as well.